About Investment Program

Dear investors, members, guests.

According to your requests, we provide more information about our invest program.

Our club provides rewards to members for a visit, and the club for that earns revenue from advertising. Advertising platforms do not pay income immediately. After careful check, payout period may continue from one to two months. Therefore, for fault free work of our faucet, we have introduced the investment program.

Investment program goals

1. Keeping stability of the payments
2. The investor is interested in development of the project
3. Increased traffic due to additional source of income

How it works

1. At the end of each day, the system receives information from the advertising platforms about profit per day *
2. The system calculates the average daily income and expenses in the previous 7 days **
3. The system divides the income and expenses between the investors in proportion to their investment

How to invest

1. On the page "Invest", select the way of investment
2. Transfer funds
3. After 30 days, earnings will be transferred to your inner balance.
4. You can withdraw or reinvest your profit

* Time of calculating daily statistics can vary, depending on the time of providing statistics by advertising platforms.
** Average values are used to provide stability, as there are days when the real roi is negative


We are completely open to communication.