Welcome to JoinCoin Club

While the rest of the faucets have problems with advertising platforms, we have created JoinCoin - not just another faucet. It a completely new service for earnings Bitcoin.

You are can take free bitcoins, invest, communicate, have fun, and in the meantime a passive income from investments will come to your balance.
JoinCoin - a fully automated system, which is protected from any human interference, including interference of the creators. The owners of the service are solely investors. The scheme of system is absolutely clear and safe:

  • Members are visit pages of the site on which is placed a unobtrusive advertising.
  • Income from advertising goes to the internal systems account and shared between the investors in proportion to their contributions.

In the club there is a rating system, and the most active members of the club receive bonuses.
You get ranking points for:

  • claim
  • invited members
  • investment

Also we provide: chat for communicate, detailed statistic of your incomes and other feature.

If you have questions, you can contact us by clicking on "Support" button.

We wish you a Happy Earnings!